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In our Prayers and thoughts  / Kristen Childress (none)
My cousin (Kim) shared with me your web site as I lost my husband last October; he disappeared and remains missing. I give to you a gift of the angel, a poem I wrote to express how we can continue to live without our loved ones near us.

When challenges arise, I press on with determination at my side.

When it is easier to sit back and grieve of everything wrong, I search for that one little positive item that I can hold.

When the world seems to continue without a second to pause, its life that keeps me moving.

When the path I take comes to a MOUNTAIN, a step at a time, makes that mountain a hill.

When the wind blows so hard, as to challenge my strength to knock me down, I say let it blow, I will continue to stand.

This world is not easy and this world is not fair but somewhere in each of us, is our angel of strength that shows us how to live.